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Aerial Video / Low Altitude

Of cinematic level, our drones lift and stabilize perfectly the following cameras: Red Dragon 6K, Rep Epic Black Magic 4K ARRI Alexa M, Sony F55, Canon C500 and 5D mark III in Magic Lantern to record RAW CR2. According to the certificates we regularly get from Transport Canada, all equipment is covered by our specialized aerial filming insurances.

Cable-Line Cam / Low Altitude

When the elements are not in place for operating a drone, DFMotion supplies stabilized cable camera operation:  from the cable network installation to the operation of the gimbal system on the rig. This technique allows to shoot amazing scenes in real time or to perform time lapses over great distances. It also allows creativity at its best; going thru a building, forest or any complex environment. It is also great for event filming and broadcasting.

Aerial Photography

A specialty of the company, the pictures are taken from the full frame sensor Canon 5D Mark III with RAW 5K resolution. Since the pilot is a professional photographer, we have the benefits of a Canon L lenses kit to push creativity to its limits.

Motion Lapses

DFMotion have developed and tested systems over the last 5 years. Motorized rail head to 2 programmable axis and Zolly are among the basic mastered techniques. We are constantly evolving, therefore our Hyperlapse technique was developed and used in all its forms in winter 2013, in the viral video production: Nocte Lumen. Since then, this technique has become one of the most appreciated by media creators probably because of its’ wow factor ”. This technique applies to several situations: event, construction, assembly, fashion show, stunt, architecture, car, tourism, etc …

Prestige Real Estate Video Production

This new service showcases architecture in all its details. Either for commercial purposes or purely for pride, DFMotion offers cinematic video bringing together all the technical and video capture technologies to reveal the aesthetic details of the subjects. With his career in architecture and civil engineering, Dominic Fillion director is well and truly in his element when it is time to read the lines, spaces and shapes. The final product is a video of about 4 minutes, comprising; motion lapses, aerial scenes, revealing scenes and development of elements. This product will be internationally diffusible and will travel through time.

Motion Director

Since the creation of storyboards, in addition to owning and mastering an arsenal of equipment, we are specialized in the design of material and technical solutions at the service of creativity. Following several years to develop while being inspired by great directors such as Christopher Nolan and Spielberg, Dominic furthered his knowledge by completing courses in 2014 given by the director of photography: Vincent Laforest

Professional Photography

For an architecture project or for a commercial subject, the photographer uses his technical solutions to capture stunning images. Do you want to get panoramic photographs of a gigantic resolution? DFMotion also operates GIGAPAN to produce ‘zoomable’ cityscapes.

On Ground, On Wheels

Another technical solution for long sequences with low profile and quick acceleration. Such as our multi-rotor drones, the remote-controlled car supports Gimbal which stabilizes professional cameras.

In the air with gimbal / High Altitude

The drone is suitable for uses ranging below 90m above ground level. For purposes beyond this limit, the helicopter is recommended. However, the rotor vibration, the change of roll and yaw provides a challenge to the cameraman. DFMotion provides the perfect solution: the suspension vest with a Gimbal and a precision camera operator. The Gimbal will be configured to accommodate the horizon to perfection, while the framer operator targets the subject by coordinating with the pilot. We have telephoto lens for the right situation.

Ground by hand

We have Gimbals for every needs. DJI Ronin for its strength and reliability of operation as well as homemade Gimbals for their lightness and precision. All are available for rental, however, for a higher price, you have the operator (DF) that deals with the systems and accessories in addition to performing the motion directing.


Every domain has its language. This is why Dominic Fillion from DFMotion is the ideal resource for communicating effectively with stakeholders in the engineering community. With over 9 years of experience at CIMA +, LVM, Qualitas, SM Group and Stantec, Dominic was able to progress on major construction projects in Quebec and become senior supervisor at Hydro-Quebec in his last years. As a architecture and civil engineering technician, he has all the qualifications and training required to operate in a consistent manner on all levels of Quebec sites. Two general options are best to carry out inspections from an aerial camera: professional driver executes the movement of the platform according to the needs of an inspection team OR the technician from DFMotion offers a complete package consisting of delivering a characterization report, high resolution photographs and formatted videos ready for presentation. Note that Dominic Fillion is certified according to quality assurance standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and is a certified technician Level I by the American Concrete Institute standard.

Thermal Imaging

We have the latest light technology of thermal imaging specifically adapted to shooting on an aerial platform. Whether to perform thermographic readings to assess the efficiency of equipment or perform emergency rescue services, DFMotion is equipped to respond to these situations.

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